Hey, I’m Julian – a music producer based in Germany and the guy behind ASCAPE. By constantly pushing myself forward I evolved into two musical pathways which share the same fundament: The passion of creating music and bringing visions to life.

Metal – this is where the roots of my musical journey lay down. By playing several instruments myself I got a deep understanding of how the different sounds interact with each other and how to glue them together to a powerful and punchy artwork. With an audio engineering diploma I built the foundation of my technical knowledge which stacks up with my inner drive to constantly push the limits of creating music and shaping sound for more than 10 years now.

On my chase for sound I figured out making beats is a thing. At first sight it may be very different from metal. But it’s the prefect chance to think outside the box and get a nice balance between genres. For me it’s important to express my ideas in different ways and evolve as a creative.

If all that sounds good to you and you’re interested in working together just mail me so we can talk about your musical visions to awake whatever is in your mind. To get a better understanding of my work, services and products check out the specific pages for metal and beats.